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Lip Balms Are No Longer Available

The Free Lip Balm is Officially over.

Hello and thank you!

To everyone who signed up and ordered a free Lip Balm we are so thankful that you have taken an interest in our company. We are saddened to say but we have completely sold out. We are a small business, and we absolutely hate to disappoint anyone, but we simply cannot keep up with demand. As with the rest of the world we are in short supply of materials and there is no known date at which we will be able to make more of these particular items. (As soon as these become available again, we will let you know) We will be sending out as many products as we have available on a first come first serve basis. For those who will not be receiving a lip balm here is what we have decided to do, everyone who is getting a lip balm will receive a confirmation email this evening or tomorrow. Everyone who will not be receiving one will get a notification that their order has been canceled. Now for the part where we try to make it up to everyone.

We are giving Everyone 20% off any one of our products. I know this is not the free gift that we promised but we as said before we are a small business, and we are doing our best to meet your demands. Please be patient with us over the next few days. 

Thank you to all of you that signed up.

Please accept our apologies and use code:


 Because they have all sold out the promotion is effectively over.