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Essentials Everything

Because Every Look Is Your Best Look

Welcome To Essentials Everything.

We are a Vegan, Non-toxic, Cruelty-free skincare company that hand-makes small batches so that you can experience fresh products every time.

Your skin is essential and we don't think that covering it in synthetic chemicals is the way it should be. All of our products are completely natural and organic. After all, isn't that the way nature intended it?

Meet Jenna. Let’s talk Pumpkin Spice

Essentials Everything has all your skin care needs. I finally have my own skin care routine and I will never go back! This skin care line is completely all natural. So the best of the best for you!!!. My skin has never felt better.

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Our Featured Product Toasted Pumpkin - Face and Body Cream

Please check out our blog to find out how Pumpkin can work for you! (Blog Post)

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PUMPKIN SPICE I bought this in Helen Ga while vacationing there. The smell is pumpkin spice and everything nice, without being too overpowering. I can still smell it lasting hours later too, which is really nice. Thank you, Margaret! You, and your family where so nice to talk to!


I JUST LOVE IT!! I love pumpkin, so had to try this lotion. This lotion not only smells good, it last all day and I use a small amount! It keeps a nice scent throughout the day. I just love it! I Will purchase again before it runs out!!!

Lorraine Hartness

PUMPKIN SPICES Oh my! I have been waiting for this to be available. I bought this last year at a fall festival and loved the smell and feel of the cream. It does not leave a greasy residue at all, and the smell is amazing! Absolutely love this cream!


PUMPKIN PERFECTION I’ve been a fan of pumpkin scents for many years but never have I smelled such a perfect blend like this one. It’s not sugary sweet, as many are. This rich aromatic blend evokes feelings of home and warmth. I can’t stop smelling it! Oh, and it also leaves skin feeling nourished and smooth. Buy it! You’ll love it too!