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At Essentials Everything, we take pride in the real-life stories of those who've embraced our natural, organic skincare. Their journeys of transformation with our effective, eco-friendly products not only inspire us but also resonate with our ethos of quality.

Explore these genuine experiences and see how our commitment to natural, ethical skincare has made a real difference. These testimonials are more than just reviews; they're your invitation to start your own journey with Essentials Everything, guided by the powerful, unfiltered experiences of our community.

Chocolate Balm - All Natural Lip Balm by Essentials Everything Skin Care Co. Organic,  Vegan & Cruelty-free

“I thought I had a favorite lip balm until I started using Essentials Everything Chocolate Lip Balm. In the past, most all natural lip balms end up caking up or something of that nature, but not this brand! I absolutely love & will continue supporting this small business.” 

- Shae Royal

"I am so glad I found essentials everything. Margaret is wonderful. It’s a local family-owned business. Most importantly their products are wonderful and affordable. I usually don’t try new local face products but this time I’m glad I did. I use products specifically designed for aging cream. Recently I tried their Mag’s Essential for leg cramps. It works wonders.”

- Ann Cyphers

“My sister introduced me to Essentials Everything several weeks ago when she took a picture of her results and sent it to me. I was absolutely amazed. At 65 her skin looked brighter, clearer, younger, and firmer than I'd seen in a long time. I jumped online to do some research and discovered I could purchase your products just a few miles from my home. At 60, I was suddenly battling stubborn, embarrassing breakouts along my jawline which I attributed to hormones and stress.  For months, I tried everything I could think of and spared no cost. I've been a loyal Estee Lauder user for decades with good results, but this was not helping either.  I purchased EE's cleansing oil, Lavender Face Cleanser, Lavender Toner, Vit C Serum, Wildflower Moisturizer and EE eye cream. After two uses of all products, I was blown away. The majority of my breakouts were healing rapidly, and some were even totally gone. I now have clear skin that is bright and glowing. I feel so much better about using all natural products and avoiding unnecessary chemicals. I cannot say enough good things about your products as my skin seems to continue to improve daily.  Thank you so much!!”

- Lita Dale

Cocoa Creme - All Natural, Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream for All Skin Types from Essentials Everything Skin Care Co. 4oz.

"I bought the sample pack to try when my husband and I were visiting Blairsville, GA. I immediately fell in love with the skincare products, and the five-step system. They made my face smooth as butter!! I haven’t found a single product that I haven’t loved. I was sent a few more samples because of a couple of the face creams that had dried out from the first samples I bought. In which I fell in love with another product— the cocoa cream! After using the sample, I decided to buy the biggest sized container of it. Only a few weeks in and the Keratosis Polaris that I’ve had on my arms is almost completely smoothed out and cleared up! I use it all over, and even on my baby’s face. So thankful for these super clean, nontoxic ingredients I can trust for the whole family!” 

- Kaylan Horn 

“I have tried many of Essential Everything products they have all been fabulous, though Mistic Cloud and the Vitamin C Serum are tremendous!”

 - Sally Marks 

“I have been using the skin care for a while now.  I love that your products are pure and clean.  I love how my skin feels after cleansing and moisturizing.  My favorite moisturizer is Mystic Cloud because it just makes my skin feel so fresh and hydrated! The lip balms…well I’m a lip balm / lip gloss junkie.  These are by far the best lip balms I have used!  Very moisturizing! And finally, the body creme.  A little goes a long way!  Again, they leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.  Love the mocha mint latte and lavender!

  - Donna Cormier 

Orange Crème - Body Moisturizer - Essentials Everything

 “I first purchased something (I think natural bug repellent) at a community event spring or summer 2022 and received a sample of the seasonal allergy blend. That blend was helpful to someone in NJ a few months later on vacation.  Last spring I purchased the vitamin c serum at your booth during another event, and received 2 or 3 little sample products. I liked them so much I purchased a package of samples at Keene's, which I took to Zambia with me to share with the 2 other ladies traveling for Grace Reigns Ministry. One, the ministry leader, has very sensitive skin and has been so pleased to find products which work and don't irritate her skin  I was so happy to hear that you had a special sale in December since I wanted more serum. We always stop in to see Sharon in her store when we are up, so I decided to try the orange cream too. I went back to Keene's with a neighbor who wanted serum and was happy to learn things were still on sale. I bought another set of samples to take with me when I travel to Zambia again this summer, and the Nailed It cuticle cream. We will be back in Blairsville in the spring, so I will probably see you at one of the town festivals.”

 - Karen Myers

 “I first found the "Summer Nights" face serum at a cute little market at an orchard in Blueridge GA. Ever since then I have been hooked! Once I ran out I was so happy to have found your website to order more and discover the goldmine I found while I was visiting the site of all the other goodies to choose from!  I have received more compliments on my skin since using this product. I could tell a difference immediately! My skin is supple, smooth, bright, and I have even been accused of getting botox which I was on the verge of before finding this product! I am 32 years old and have used this product for years throughout my pregnancy and still until now. I was a fanatic about what products to use or not use while pregnant and breastfeeding and EE was the only product line that made the cut for me. I love that they are all natural and made by a real person with real ingredients with a real love for skincare. I have tried the bug spray that is now a must have in my diaper bag. The chapsticks are all amazing as well! I am very comfortable using these products on my family. I have recently tried the vitamin C serum that is also becoming a new favorite.  The more products I try I love. I am always SO excited for my order to come with a personalized message or thank you note and little sample products to try. What a treat and a breath of fresh air it is to have found a company like this. A company that actually cares about every customer and every product. I am thankful for your passion, knowledge, and professionalism. I will remain a faithful customer for as long as you are in business. I can't wait to see what the future holds for EE!  -with love”

 - Caysi Jordan Asdot

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