About Margaret

Hi, my name is Margaret Rustausky, CEO of Essentials Everything.

I live in Blairsville, GA and have been married to my wonderful husband, Kevin, for 26 years. Our son, Austin, is 26 and is my partner in Essentials Everything.

I have 18 years’ experience as a Dental Assistant before meeting my husband. I left the dental field to be a stay-at-home Mom for Austin, and to work alongside Kevin in our certified carpet cleaning, upholstery and water restoration business.

In 2003, we moved from Ft. Pierce, FL to Murphy, NC to give Austin a better way of life. We chose Murphy, NC because I visited there as a child and really liked the area and the people.

In 2006, we moved to Blairsville, Ga and began home-schooling Austin.

After he graduated, I worked for 4 years at SanRe Skin Care. At the time, I suffered with rosacea so I formulated my own skin cream that worked so well that my rosacea went away. That’s when Austin and I decided to make a life change and formed: Essentials Everything!!

God truly blessed me! Essentials Everything is my life and I have committed to being an all-natural and completely organic skin care company. I completed an intensive 18-month course at the School Of Natural Skin Care and received my diploma and certification in Skin Care Formulation. Today, I am proud to say that I personally do all of the research, formulation, and testing of every product we offer and have had outstanding results with the clients we serve.

EE is proud to belong to the Leaping Bunny Program. We go to great lengths to make sure we, our suppliers, and their suppliers never test products on any animals. All our testing is done in-house or by friends and volunteers. Absolutely nothing is tested on animals! Nor, is any product ever placed on the market until it has been proven safe and effective for human use – GUARANTEED!!

We are not big. We do not mass-produce our products. We don’t promise things we can’t produce. We just simply CARE!!

 Thank you for visiting Essentials Everything!